IT Peripheral Vending Machine

IT peripheral vending machines and smart lockers

To improve workplace productivity, we offer IT peripheral vending machines. Our Custom IT peripheral vending machine are an excellent way to eliminate workplace issues. Having these machines in your office assist in inventory and time managment. With these IT peripheral vending machines and smart lockers, IT peripheral and IT accessories, for example – laptops, monitors, keyboards, mouses, speakers and earphones. These items are readily available to all staff members at any time.

Getting IT peripheral supplies is a common workplace problem

Unfortunately, getting IT peripheral supplies, including new keyboards, headphones, scanner, printer ink, pen, and so forth, is a general problem often entered at lots of offices throughout Australia.

Tracking the dispensing of these IT peripheral supplies can be another issue. Untracked dispensing of inventory often leads to many cases of missing supplies or supplies that are unaccounted for. Fortunately, the IT peripherals machine offers the ultimate solution to any of these problems. The IT Accessories Vending Machine can help with effortless dispensing, tracking, and detailed monitoring.

What are the benefits of the Smart IT Peripheral Vending Machines?

Some benefits of the IT Peripheral vending machines include:

Round-The-Clock Availability

Custom IT Peripheral vending machines ensure that supplies are available to employees 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Employees can simply decide to operate the machine anytime, be it day or night. This way, they can get necessary IT supplies such as storage devices, keyboards, power adapters, printer ink, scanner and batteries, this is one easily and without any delay.

Detailed Inventory

The AI vending machines seamlessly handle everything concerning inventory accounting, approvals, and necessary data filling for you. The machine will record information like item dispensed, quantity, employee ID, date, and time.

Company Control:

The company has total control over the products that can be dispensed and the departments that will have access to particular products. Also, the vending will track the IT peripherals and supplies obtained using employee badge identification.

Restock Notification

Our vending machine will notify you when it’s time to restock supplies. The person in charge can easily restock the machine and eliminate downtime and or wait time.

Smart Lockers

The smart lockers are a sophisticated feature of the Smart IT Peripheral vending machine. These smart lockers complement the IT Peripheral vending machine and make them a vital part of the workplace environment.

  • For Larger Products: Employees can pick up larger products or supplies which can’t be ordered through the machine from the smart lockers.
  • For Faulty Products: Faulty products that need repairs can also be kept in the smart lockers. The repair expert will be notified through the internal system to pick them up.
  • Loan Perfectly Working Product: When you drop a damaged or defective product, employees can still loan perfectly working product through the smart lockers.

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