How PPE Vending Machine Australia Works

How PPE Vending Machine Australia Works

PPE Vending Machine Australia is a reputable provider of custom smart vending machines for Australian brands and businesses. Our PPE vending machines are designed to provide a very easy and safe way for all employees and factory workers to get personal protective equipment, safety supplies, and other personal hygiene products.

Whether the machine is purchased, leased or rented, we help facilitate the project form start until end. We ensure that we provide the best possible solution and service that is most beneficial to your business needs.

Vend various products:

We provide industrial solutions, commercial solutions and custom solutions. Some applications include:

  • Industrial Solutions: Tool vending machines for manufacturers.
  • Office Buildings: Personal hygiene items such as, hand gloves, hand wipes, tissues, and disposable gloves, for employees and contractors at the workplace.
  • Commercial: Stationery dispensing at the workplace or office.
  • Customer-Facing: For instance, car wash equipment vending machines
We can customise the vending machines to suit a vast variety of products and design the machine to put your brand requirements.
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Our PPE Vending Machines Can Be Personalized

At PPE Vending Machine Australia, we understand the importance of protecting your bottom line as a business. Our PPE vending machines can be configured to allow you to allocate and dispense items based on individual job numbers or cost centres. This will make it possible for you to get a better idea of the actual amount it costs to deliver the services you are offering. You will be able to send a direct invoice for items that you could not determine the true cost previously.

Dispensing items and keeping well-detailed records, our cutting-edge vending machines will make it possible for you to determine your spending budget or PPE allowance.

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