How PPE Vending Machine Australia Works

How PPE Vending Machine Australia Works

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it is the duty of businesses to keep the management, contractors, and factory workers safe. The World Health Organization and medical professionals around the world have recommended wearing protective equipment, face masks, hand gloves, and using hand sanitizers. This will help provide adequate protection for factory workers and contractors against COVID-19 and other viral infections.

PPE Vending Machine Australia is a reputable provider of custom smart vending machines for Australian brands and businesses. Our PPE vending machines are designed to provide a very easy and safe way for all employees and factory workers to get personal protective equipment, safety supplies, and other personal hygiene products.

How Does the Contactless Hand Sanitizer Vending Machine Work?

PPE Vending Machine

The PPE vending machine is used to dispense different kinds of personal protective equipment and safety supplies to staff, employees, factory workers, and contractors. Every worker, staff, visitor, or contractor that is issued an access card by the company will have access to use the personal protective equipment vending machine all round the clock.
Anytime the face mask vending machine is used, the details of the dispensed product will be recorded to our inventory control system immediately. Also, the ID of the cardholder that used the hand sanitizer vending machine will be recorded, including the date and time the vending machine was used.

What’s more, the inventory control system of the face mask vending machine is web-based. This makes it easier to access all status and reporting information using any authorized laptop, computer, or mobile phone that has internet access. Also, you can view reports online through your web browser. You can also download the report to your device in different formats such as .csv, .pdf, or .xls format. Our certified experts will install the machines with either a LAN or GPRS connection.


In addition, we provide Industrial Solutions, Commercial Solutions, Customer Facing, and Custom Solutions. Some applications include:

  • Industrial Solutions: Tool vending machines for manufacturers.
  • Office Buildings: Personal hygiene items such as face masks, hand gloves, hand wipes, hand sanitizer, antibacterial tissues, and disposable gloves, for employees and contractors at the workplace.
  • Commercial: Stationery dispensing at the workplace or office.
  • Customer-Facing: For instance, car wash equipment vending machines

We can customize the vending machines to suit almost any use. We have designed custom vending machine solutions that can dispense bicycle helmets, hand tools, and so forth. Call us today to discuss a custom, cost-effective vending machine solution for your workplace.

Our PPE Vending Machines Can Be Personalized

At PPE Vending Machine Australia, we understand the importance of protecting your bottom line as a business. Likewise, ’knowing who took what and when’ is vital to be able to allocate resources and costs to the project you are working on. Our PPE vending machines can be configured to allow you to allocate and dispense items based on individual job numbers or cost centers. This will make it possible for you to get a better idea of the actual amount it costs to deliver the services you are offering. Also, you will be able to send a direct invoice for items that you could not determine the true cost previously.

However, due to the robust nature of our PPE vending machine, we have been the preferred provider for a lot of companies in the mining industry and other sectors. In addition to dispensing items and keeping well-detailed records, our cutting-edge hand sanitizer vending machine will make it possible for you to determine your spending budget or PPE allowance. Our PPE Vending Machines Can Be Personalized for each user. With this budgetary control feature, you can save on your overall spending on personal protective equipment to a large extent.

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