Vending Machine Antigen Rapid Test Kits For COVID-19 to Manage Workplace Omicron Cases

Due to the omicron variants, which has lately expanded throughout the nation, there have been more coronavirus infections in Australia. More than 11,000 new cases have been reported in Sydney and the neighboring New South Wales communities. As more omicron cases emerge around the nation, it’s becoming increasingly critical to make test kits accessible to […]

Vending Machine Dispenses Antigen Rapid Test Kits COVID-19

Cities across Australia have seen vending machines for face masks, fresh food, PPE, hand sanitizers, office equipment, coffee, and more. But, these new vending machine systems that are being deployed throughout the country are taking vending to a whole new level. Antigen rapid test vending machine systems are now available in different cities throughout the […]

Micro Market Australia is an Unmanned Convenience Store at the Workplace

Making life easier for your employees at the workplace can help improve productivity and create a healthy working environment. Micro Markets are classy refreshment solutions that can help provide food, drinks, and beverages to employees at the workplace quickly and more efficiently. If you are looking to replace your vending machine systems with an unmanned […]

Custom Vending Machine Brand Activation – PPE Vending Machine Australia

Custom vending machines are gradually becoming significant in the business world. In fact, it is projected that these intelligent vending machine systems are likely to grow by nearly 17% all over the world. The vending machines come with cutting-edge technology which can gather customer insights and provide vital customer information. Therefore, these intelligent vending machines […]

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Vending Machine

Smart vending machine systems have continued to change the ways businesses and offices vend products. Recently, a couple of manufacturers have added Bitcoin functionality to their vending machine designs. Vending machines across Australia and New Zealand now accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. Just like you can buy your favorite items, including laptops, furniture […]

AI Robot Coffee Machine Baristas Coming to Australia

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the need for several companies across Australia to automate their business operations and processes. From automated cash machines to automated stores, the automated trend is gradually becoming the norm for businesses in our society. In fact, the beverage and food industry is not left behind. We now have AI robot […]

AI Vending Machine – PPE Vending Machine Australia

AI vending machines offer a relatively easy and convenient way for store owners and food and beverage sellers to make products, including meals and…..

Custom Vending Machine for Sale

Custom vending machines provide an efficient way to distinguish your business from your competitor and improve your brand’s reputation. A custom vending machine system usually will feature

Vending Machine for Sale

PPE Vending Machine Australia is a leading provider of custom smart vending machine solutions for various businesses and brands throughout Australia. From PPE Vending Machine to…

Recycling Vending Machine and Custom Recycling Technology Trends in Australia

Over the past few years, there has been increased debate about recycling and efficient waste management…

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