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Due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic, businesses are enjoined to keep the workplace environment as safe as possible. This includes providing safety and personal hygiene items such as face mask, hand sanitizer, and disposable gloves to employees and contractors. This will help protect them from contacting COVID-19 or any other viral infection. A great way to make these personal hygiene items available 24/7 is by using our custom vending machine at PPE Vending Machines Australia.

At PPE Vending Machines Australia, we specialize in providing customized vending machine services and solutions. Our custom vending machines are custom branded with custom wrap and custom skin. They are convenient for dispensing personal protection equipment, safety supplies, and personal hygiene products such as face masks and hand sanitizer. With these, employees and contractors can protect themselves against contacting COVID-19, while making the workspace environment safer.

Our Modified Vending Machines

PPE Vending Machine

What’s more, our vending machines are manufactured using the best and highest quality materials. Our qualified experts will modify the machine to suit your specific needs. Also, we can add custom wrap and custom skin to make the machine more unique. However, the number of shelves and bays for each machine will be determined by the size of the shell.

Also, we can incorporate cashless systems into the vending machines for ease of use. You have the option of using card readers or fobs that have unlimited or pre-loaded value. At the same time, the cashless systems can feature credit card readers. The hand sanitizer vending machine can also be programmed to dispense one product, maybe face mask, hand sanitizer, or hand gloves to each employee per day. This will help you monitor usage and prevent wastage.

Examples of Venues and Businesses that Can Use Our Custom Branded Vending Machines

Furthermore, our custom vending machines are highly durable and reliable. The vending machines are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are made weatherproof and waterproof to suit different climate conditions. You can use the machine in your office, workplace, as well as other public places, including Schools, Hospitals, Universities, Medical Centers, Office Buildings, Train Stations, Residential Apartments, Shopping Centers, Warehouses, Airports, Gyms, Construction Sites, factories, Hotels, and so forth.

Depending on your business or venue, here are some items you can dispense using our vending solutions:

  • Workplace or Office Buildings: Personal hygiene products such as face masks, hand gloves, hand wipes hand sanitizer, antibacterial tissues, and disposable gloves
  • Workshop or Factory: safety glasses, ear muffs, sunscreen, earplugs, riggers gloves, and more
  • Car Washes: cleaning towels, supplying sponges, fragrance trees, and tyre shine
  • Nightclubs: dispense products such as umbrellas, flat shoes, mints, and deodorant
  • Factories & Warehouses: distributing stationery, tools, and so forth.
  • Airports: Provide travelers with last-minute goods, such as luggage locks, tags, and more
  • Bike Stations: helmets

Contact PPE Vending Machines Australia today to order a custom vending machine for your business. We will design the machine to your specifications and requirements.

We Offer Full Vending Solutions

In addition to personal protective equipment and personal hygiene items, the vending machine also provide users with access to food, drinks, and beverages. Our vending machines can save staffing costs, reduce stock loss, and will help you manage inventory better. With the face mask and hand sanitizer vending machine strategically located, employees, customers, and contractors can have easy access to various items at any time of the day.

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