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As a vending machine supplier in Australia, we offer a wide selection of vending machines that can be customised to suit your business requirements. Whether it be for an event, promotion or long term initiative, we here at Smart Vending have not only the products and techniques  but the the upmost expertise to facilitate your business objectives.

Want to retain or gain data? The use of our superior data customisation tools can record high levels of data, which can assist in the growth of your  business. Utilising a vending machine is cost-effective, Smart and user-friendly. It has the ability to control inventory, acquire new clients, promote products and services to large focus groups and demographics and it is a great marketing campaign tool.

Our vending machines can be used in all sorts of locations, such as, shopping centres, offices, schools, hospitals, universities, medical centres, residential apartments,  warehouses, airports, gyms, construction sites, factories and hotels.

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Custom vending machine are suitable for different products

Our vending machine are suitable for a wide range of products.
Some common items include:

  • Personal Protective Equipment: Safety vests, earplugs, safety glasses, batteries, first aid items, gloves, and more.
  • IT Peripheral Solutions: Keyboards, cables, chargers, mouse, and more.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Gifts cards, branded products, NPD initiatives, drinks/bottles, consumable goods and so much more.

Save money and time… improve workplace safety with a vending solution

Our vending machines can help your business save money and time in the following areas:

  • Improve inventory management systems
  • Controlled dispensing, reduce wastage, and eliminate theft
  • Controlled access to machines and specific products
  • Improved productivity
  • Higher rates of safety compliance

Our unique hand sanitizer vending machine solution can generate data automatically, and send it to central inventory control systems. You can access the data anywhere to generate product-based or user-based spreadsheets.

PPE Vending Machine

Access vending machines at any Location

Our vending solutions can assist in your businesses OH&S requirements and standards. Employees and contractors are given indivudal access to the products within the machines. Our user friendly customisation solutions generates specific data which provides your business unique reports and delivers ROI.

Tailored to Each Department or Worksite

Our vending machines can be customised for each department and or worksite. You are able to program the vending machines to allow staff members, contractors or clients to allocate and dispense items based on individual job numbers or cost centres. This data can be monitored in real-time.

Extend Your Inventory Control System

In addition, the technology can be used across other product management systems. Our experts can install card readers at store counters to monitor items such as footwear, uniform items, and other products.


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