SAVAS Smart Cabinet – RFID IT Peripheral & Laptops

A State-Of-The-Art IT Peripheral & Laptops Management & Dispensing System from PPE Vending Machine Australia

At PPE Vending Machine Australia, we specialize in designing PPE vending machines and custom smart vending machine solutions to businesses and brands across Australia. One of our newest inventions is the SAVAS Smart Cabinet – RFID IT Peripheral & Laptops for inventory management and dispensing IT peripheral supplies to employees in the workplace environment.

What is the SAVAS Smart Cabinet - RFID IT Peripheral & Laptops?

The state-of-the-art SAVAS Smart Cabinet – RFID IT Peripheral & Laptops is an automated inventory management and dispensing system which ensures that IT peripheral supplies can be made readily available to everyone. The RFID IT peripheral & laptops dispensing cabinet ensures that IT peripheral supplies, including new keyboards, power adapters, batteries, printer ink, headphones, scanner, laptops, projectors, and more, are readily available and can be accessed easily.

How Does SAVAS Smart Cabinet - RFID IT Peripheral & Laptops Work?


The RFID smart cabinet offers efficient and fully automated dispensing, tracking, and detailed monitoring of IT peripheral supplies in the workplace environment. Accessing the smart cabinet requires employees to use their PIN or RFID card. Once authorization is granted, the requested item can be dispensed.

In addition, the SAVAS Smart Cabinet comes with innovative inventory management software, which helps to track and manage all user activities. IT peripheral supplies and laptops in the cabinet will feature RFID tags. The smart cabinet can be programmed to dispense limited IT peripheral supplies to employees daily or depending on the department.

Also, the RFID IT Peripheral & Laptops system will track and record all activities through a permanent inventory system. This ensures that office management can access real-time information about inventory and ensure that the office doesn’t run out of stock.

Benefits of the SAVAS Smart Cabinet - RFID IT Peripheral & Laptops?

Some benefits of the SAVAS Smart Cabinet – RFID IT Peripheral & Laptops include:

Round-The-Clock Availability: The smart cabinet can dispense IT peripheral supplies to employees 24/7, round the clock. IT peripheral supplies such as keyboards, storage devices, printer ink, power adapters, scanner, and batteries can be made available at any time of the day, without any delay.

Detailed Inventory Management: Also, the SAVAS Smart Cabinet handles all inventory management tasks, including accounting, approvals, and necessary data filling. The smart cabinet tracks and records user information such as employee ID, item removed, quantity, date, and time.

Company Control: SAVAS Smart Cabinet – RFID IT Peripheral & Laptops ensures that your business has complete control over the IT peripheral supplies that can be allocated to which departments or employees. Employee badge identification will be used to track the IT peripherals and supplies obtained.

Restock Notification: Also, the SAVAS RFID smart cabinet will notify management when items and supplies are running low. The personnel in charge can easily restock the cabinet and prevent wait time.

Faulty IT Products: Return a faulty product that needs repairs can be kept in the SAVAS RFID Smart Cabinet. The repair department will be notified through the system to pick up and repair the item.

Loan IT Products: Loan IT products from the SAVAS RFID Smart Cabinet which will help avoid delay and downtime and return your item when finished.

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