SAVAS Smart Cabinet – RFID

SAVAS Smart Cabinet featuring Innovative RFID Technology

PPE Vending Machine Australia is a reliable provider of custom vending machine and RFID smart cabinet solutions in Australia. Our company specializes in developing PPE vending machines and other custom smart vending machine solutions. One of our RFID software solutions is the SAVAS Smart Cabinet.

What is the SAVAS Smart Cabinet?

SAVAS Smart Cabinet is a state-of-the-art, restricted-access, smart cabinet featuring innovative RFID technology. This RFID smart cabinet is highly suitable to manage expensive and delicate materials or items that require high patient traceability. Our SAVAS Smart Cabinet was developed to be used in hospitals, laboratories, surgical rooms, and other medical facilities. The RFID cabinet will help ensure optimum stock management and reduce inventory levels.

How Does SAVAS Smart Cabinet Work?

Savas Smart Cabinet

Through RFID technology, our SAVAS Smart Cabinet is able to manage traceability in real-time. The smart cabinet will track all movements made with the items or files in it. Also, the smart cabinet features a touch screen which is easy to use. Thus, making it easier for nursing staff to carry out their respective duties in a relatively friendly and safe way.

Also, the SAVAS Smart Cabinet comes with a logistic software that helps with system management, monitoring, and reporting. The RFID smart cabinet can perform various functions such as managing cabinet access and consumption records. The cabinet with automatically generate restock orders and offer access to parameter reports. Thus, allowing real-time analysis and informed decision making in the hospital environment.

What’s more, a passive RFID tag will be attached to each item to be stored in the smart cabinet. The RFID tags will provide a unique identifier for each product. Products will be assigned information such as article number, serial number, batch number, expiry date, and more.

Features and Benefits of the SAVAS Smart Cabinet?

Some innovative features and benefits of the SAVAS Smart Cabinet Work include:

Automatic Movement Tracking

The SAVAS Smart Cabinet performs an inventory of its contents and automatically identifies and tracks movements carried out by users. All inventory movements are automatically RFID tracked and recorded.

Automatic Integration

Also, the SAVAS Smart Cabinet automatically integrates all processes, including item master, restock orders, inventory movements, patient ADT, charges record, and user census. With this, the cabinet ensures real-time data transfer and prevent duplicate entry.

Increased Return on Investment (ROI):

In addition, our smart cabinet help medical establishment increase ROI by controlling access to high-cost items, minimizing material loss, and reducing inventory cost.

Improved Patient Safety

The SAVAS Smart Cabinet ensures that items are easily accessible, and the right materials are available on time. This ensures quick response to product health alerts and offers nursing staff more time to attend to patients.

Improved Inventory Management

The RFID smart cabinet helps improve inventory management by matching inventory levels to actual consumption. The RFID cabinet also restocks orders automatically, eliminates error, and ensure accurate data capture.

Ready Access to Information

Above all, the SAVAS Smart Cabinet helps provide ready access to information and ensures that accurate information is available in real-time.

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