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As a business, it is essential to protect your employees and contractors from the COVID-19 pandemic. The face mask vending machine from PPE Vending Machine Australia offers an easy way to make personal hygiene items such as face mask and hand sanitizer available for your employees. With this, the business can provide adequate protection for both employees and contractors against coronavirus and viral other infections.

PPE Vending Machines Australia is a reliable provider of custom vending machine solutions. Our PPE vending machines can dispense personal protection equipment, safety supplies, and personal hygiene products such as face masks, hand sanitizer, hand gloves, and more. The vending machines are suitable for Office Buildings, Residential Apartments, as well as public places such as Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Medical Centers, Hotels, Train Stations, Warehouses, Shopping Centers, Airports, Gyms, Construction Sites, factories, and more. This will help curb the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Frequently Asked Questions

A PPE vending machine is used to dispense safety and protective equipment and personal hygiene products to users.

Having a PPE vending machine can save your business a lot of money by drastically reducing the amount of personal protective equipment or personal hygiene items that get misplaced or stolen by your staff or contractors. Also, the system makes use of an inbuilt smart card reader, cashless system, and can help monitor inventory. Above all, face mask vending machine ensures that personal hygiene products are readily available, thus, improving workspace safety.

PPE vending machines are fully automated. They use a smart card system. The management will hand out smart cards to staff members. The user will swipe the card in the card reader to dispense an item. The machine is already connected to the internet or LAN connection. With this, it will record various details such as employee ID, name, item dispenses, quantity, date, and time.

For every transaction that occurs, the following information is recorded automatically:

  • Vending machine ID number
  • Name of the user or employee who dispensed the item/equipment
  • Name and quantity of the item
  • Date and time of the transaction

Cards have no monetary value assigned to them. Hence, if a smart card is lost, you don’t have to panic. The management can assign another card to the employee.

Common Problems with PPE

Some common problems when managing your PPE include:

  • PPE Wastage: Employees have no accountability for the items they are taking. This often leads to wastage.
  • Inventory Control: Many businesses have inadequate inventory control as a result of limited staffing, store access, or obsolete technology. Hence, keeping records up to date may be a challenge.
  • Accessibility: The available safety equipment and personal hygiene items are often locked away in the storeroom, out of the reach of staff.

The PPE vending machine can provide an ultimate solution to the issues mentioned above. Thus, improving workplace safety and efficiency.

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