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PPE Vending Machine Australia is a reliable provider of custom vending machine solutions. Our PPE vending machines provide an easy and safe way to dispense personal protection equipment and personal hygiene products such as face masks and hand sanitizer. With this, workers, management, and contractors can protect themselves from COVID- 19 and other viral infections.

In addition, our PPE vending machines can also make face masks, hand sanitizer, and other personal hygiene products easily available and thus, help create a safer work environment for staff and contractors against COVID-19 pandemic. Our face mask vending machine is suitable for Hospitals, Medical Centers, Offices, Schools, Office Buildings, Universities, Warehouses, factories, Airports, Shopping Centers, Construction Sites, Hotels, Train Stations, Residential Apartments, Gyms, and more.

What is a PPE Vending Machine?

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PPE vending machines are designed for vending Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), safety supplies, and personal hygiene items. The machine can dispense items like Safety Vests, Face Masks, Hand Gloves, Batteries, Earplugs, Hand Sanitizers, Glasses, and other First Aid items. The safety vending machines can be situated at different locations throughout the workplace or office premises. The machine offers employees and contractors round the clock access to safety equipment.

How Can Employees Access the PPE Vending Machine?

Employees can access the PPE vending machine by swiping or inserting a card issued by their employer into the card reader of the safety machine. The cashless systems card reader can be found on the front panel of the PPE vending machine. Any item selected by the employee will be recorded. The recorded information usually includes employee name and number, safety machine number, description of the item dispensed, as well as time and date.

Setting Up a PPE Vending Machine

Furthermore, our PPE vending machines at PPE Vending Machine Australia are available in a wide selection of sizes and models. We can offer you a custom solution that fits your different needs. Our qualified experts will offer you a custom design (set-up diagram) based on your requirements and specification. The face mask vending machine dispenses items through a helix or spiral. Our experts can set up the PPE vending machine with the ideal spirals to ensure proper dispensing.

What Items are Suitable for PPE Vending Machine?

Our PPE vending machine can dispense various personal protective equipment such as glasses, safety vests, earplugs, batteries, and eyewash. Also, the vending machine can dispense personal hygiene items such as face mask, hand sanitizer, hand gloves, anti-bacterial wipes, and more. Kindly send us samples of products you intend to dispense with the machine. With this, we can determine if it’s possible or not.

About Cards and Cashless Systems

The hand sanitizer vending machine feature cashless systems which make use of cards. Each card will have a serial number. The cards can be customized to feature the company name, logo, as well as the employee’s name. The card can be activated or deactivated through a web interface.

Eliminating Wastage

The cashless system comes with an inbuilt recording feature. This records and tracks the PPE vending usage. Real-time data can be generated to know which employee used the face mask vending machine and the product dispensed. This will help manage PPE supplies and limit any unnecessary safety equipment usage.

Restricting Access to PPE Vending

Also, it is possible to program the anti-bacterial wipes vending machine to dispense certain safety equipment products or personal hygiene items. For instance, you can restrict employee’s access to a single face mask, hand glove, and hand sanitizer daily. With this, employees will only be offered access to a single item per day. This will help manage PPE supplies and create a safe work environment for staff and contractors.

Contractors / Visitors

Contractors and visitors can be issued personalized ‘Contractor Card’ or ‘Visitor Card’. With this, they can have access to selected safety equipment when on the workplace environment.

Loading / Refilling the Face Mask Vending Machine

Restocking the PPE vending machine is relatively easy. A preprepared ‘Imprest’ sheet will help you determine the items stocked in each selection.

Available Information

Also, the cashless systems record all important data. With this, you can easily produce spreadsheets and graphs of the item dispensed.

The available/recorded information includes:

  • PPE vending machine number
  • Usage by product description
  • Items dispensed
  • Date and time of purchase
  • Total dollar value – Contractor usage
  • The total dollar value of products dispensed
  • Audit card download and reset

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