SAVAS Smart Cabinet – RFID Tools

An Innovative Tools Management & Dispensing System from PPE Vending Machine Australia

PPE Vending Machine Australia specializes in designing PPE vending machines and other custom smart vending machine solutions. Among our latest inventions is the SAVAS Smart Cabinet – RFID Tools for tool inventory management for factories and manufacturing companies.

What is the SAVAS Smart Cabinet - RFID Tools?

The innovative SAVAS Smart Cabinet – RFID Tools is an automated tool management and dispensing system which ensures a safe, fast, and efficient supply of tool and equipment. The RFID tool dispensing cabinet ensures that tools needed by employees, factory workers, and contractors, are readily available and easily accessible.

How Does SAVAS Smart Cabinet - RFID Tools Work?


The RFID smart cabinet tools provide immediate and fully automated dispensing, tracking, and monitoring of tools. Accessing the RFID smart cabinet requires authorization. To gain access, users must sign in using their PIN or RFID card on the cabinet’s touch screen. Once authorization has been granted to the employee, the cabinet’s door will open.

What’s more, the RFID smart cabinet tools feature advanced software that helps to manage user authorization and other activities such as inventory management and stock management. Each item in the cabinet will feature RFID tags. Employees and contractors may be can barred from certain sensitive items or materials.

The RFID readers will help record and classify all activities through a permanent inventory. This will be integrated into the tool cabinet to ensure that real-time information about inventory is available to office management.

Features and Functions of the SAVAS Smart Cabinet - RFID Tools

Some features and functions of the SAVAS Smart Cabinet – RFID Tools include:

Tool Management

The smart cabinet records, documents, traces, and provides assessments of all data. The cabinet also analyzes tool management and provides an overview of individual use of tools.

Record Employee Data

The RFID smart cabinet tools track and record information about employees and users who access the cabinet, including ID, name, employee number, and more.

Assessments and Analyses

The tools cabinet can help generate a variety of report about all activates that takes place within the cabinet.

Tool Tracking

Also, the RFID smart cabinet tools track the movement of all tools and materials and ensure complete traceability.

Network Compatible

The RFID smart cabinet tools can be connected to an ERP system or your company network or LAN.

Benefits of the SAVAS Smart Cabinet - RFID Tools

Some benefits of the SAVAS Smart Cabinet – RFID Tools include:

  • The smart cabinet ensures that tools available to factory workers and contractors at any time.
  • The permanent inventory helps keep constant up-to-date stock and ensure that you don’t run out of tools.
  • It helps reduce improper and unnecessary tools collection and eliminates thefts.
  • The smart cabinet prevents unmanned tool dispensing and ensure that dispensing is tracked and monitored.
  • Also, the smart cabinet helps increase product safety and quality standards.

With the SAVAS Smart Cabinet – RFID Tools, you can anticipate a noteworthy reduction in costs for the entire tool management system, improved safety, and efficiency.

In conclusion, the RFID inventory management system remains the most efficient method through which retailers can track inventory. With RFID inventory management Australia, businesses across Australia can set up a system that can help manage every aspect of their inventory.

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