PPE 250i

Weight: 200 kg

H: 1700mm
W: 713mm
D: 870mm

PPE-250i is PPE Vendings new model that, thanks to its reduced footprint and its wide product offer represents an ideal solution for small to medium locations, or any environment where space is limited.

PPE-250i offers a flexible vending experience for all tastes thanks to reliable technologies and an elegant design that complements each environment it is in.

Key Feature
Power supply 230V, Frequency 50Hz
Neat and understated design.
Led lighting of the cell
Newly designed delivery bin – easy to brand
Wide range of choice – up to 36 selections
Capacitive keypad with LED lit buttons
Graphic display 128 x 64 pixel
High efficiency compressor
New trays which offer maximum layout flexibility
New pull delivery bin with reinforced opening/closing mechanism
Advanced 16 bit electronics with flash memory

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