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Best Face Mask Vending Machine from PPE Vending Machine Australia

Safety, both at home, at work, or in public has become essential for everyone due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) and medical experts have encouraged everyone to wash hands regularly with, apply alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and wear face masks, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. PPE Vending Machine Australia developed the hand sanitizer vending machine to make personal hygiene products like hand sanitizer and face mask available. Thus, making the workplace environment and the general public safer.

PPE Vending Machine Australia is a reliable, qualitative, and experienced provider of custom vending solutions based in Melbourne, Australia. We focus on building custom smart vending machines and hand sanitizer vending machines. Our vending machine solutions can dispense safety supplies and personal hygiene products such as hand sanitizer, face mask, disposable gloves, and so forth. With this, employees, customers, and contractors can protect themselves from the COVID-19 pandemic.

About the Face Mask Vending Machines for Coronavirus

facemask vending machine

PPE Vending Machine Australia is a reliable provider of custom vending machine solutions in Melbourne, Australia. Our company specializes in developing face mask vending machines and other custom vending machines for different Australian businesses and brands.

Furthermore, the vending machine is capable of dispensing personal hygiene items, including alcohol hand sanitizers, n95 face masks, disposable gloves, pocket tissues, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and safety supplies.

Also, the face mask vending machines are suitable for Residential Apartments, Office Buildings, as well as public places like Hospitals, Universities, Train Stations, Schools, Hotels, Medical Centers, Airports, Gyms, Warehouses, Shopping Centers, Construction Sites, Factories, and so forth. This will help protect employees, customers, management, and contractors, and prevent the continuous spread of COVID-19.

How Does Face Mask Vending Machines from PPE Vending Machine Australia Work?

All our vending machines at PPE Vending Machine Australia are completely automated. The face mask vending machines provide a very easy and safer way for businesses to make these hygiene products available to employees and customers.

You can set up the face mask vending machine at a convenient location on your worksite or office building. Also, you can program the machine to dispense one item to each employee or contractor daily. Users can activate the vending machine through various means, including mobile devices, credit cards, staff RFID cards, email link, QR code, and other custom requirements.

Let Us Supply Your Business with Face Mask Vending Machines in Australia

During this period, it is important for businesses to make the workplace environment as safe as possible. At PPE Vending Machine Australia, we care a lot about your business, employees, customers, and contractors. Our face masks vending machines will help make personal hygiene products available to your employees all round the clock. With this, business establishments can improve workplace safety and public safety.

Contact us today to learn more about our face mask vending machines. We serve businesses and brands in Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, and Adelaide, Australia. Our products and services are affordable, excellent, and reliable. We can design custom vending machine solutions to meet your requirements and unique needs. A wonderful experience awaits you.

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