Large Shop Vending Machine

  1. Stable structure, low failure rate and fast shipping speed.
  2. Low equipment cost, wide application and sale of comprehensive products.
  3. Panoramic glass window design, merchandise placement is neat and tidy.
  4. New direct push cargo lane, can sell shaped packaging goods.
  5. The cargo lane can be adjusted according to the size of the product and the operation is simple and flexible.
  6. The central pick-up port, no need to bend over, ship the light prompts, automatically open the door.
  7. Intelligent lifting platform, automatic addressing and positioning, smooth and safe shipping process.
  8. Remote temperature control and commodity control, sales data analysis, intelligent management anytime, anywhere.
Outside Dimensions
H: 1970mm, W:1928mm, D:980mm
Weight 670kg
Voltage AC 100V-240V 50/60HZ
Refigerated 800W Normal 100W
Screen 21.5 inch touch screen
Max 119 slots (7 layers:17 push)
Type Pusher
Cash payment (bill, coin, etc.) Cashless payment (wechat, etc.)
Temperature 4°C-25°C

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